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Drake Helps Spark Donations For Masaka Kids Orphanage After Sharing Video

Source: MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images / Getty

The Drake effect is powerful!


Drake’s instructional dance video/ quarantine jam the “Toosie Slide” did what it was supposed to do on social media, becoming a viral sensation and even broke TikTok’s record earning 1 billion views on the social media platform. Thanks to the internet, the song found its way to Africa, where a group of Ugandan orphans took the dance challenge and smashed it putting everyone to shame. The Maska Kids dropped their video doing the latest TikTok dance craze on Friday (Apr.17) and instantly went viral, and the kids blew up.

The orphanage’s founder, Suuna Hassan, spoke with TMZ exclusively telling the celebrity gossip site that kids loved the record a lot and wanted to do their own video in hopes that Drake would see it but knew it was a long shot.

Well, when your dance moves are this good, and the video is all over the internet, its pretty hard to be ignored. The Masaka Kids got their wish Drizzy reached out to the teacher asking for permission to share the video on his IG account. Once he posted the video in his Instagram Stories, the rest is history.

Per TMZ: