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The great Marshawn Lynch once said, “Take care of ya’ll chicken” at what may be his last press conference.

It was free game for the young guys in the locker room that simply meant to be wise with all the game blesses you with and to save your money. Lynch wants to spread that message to his family, and that includes getting his bar & restaurant, Rob Ben’s,  up to code on an upcoming episode of Bar Rescue. Jon Taffer, the Gordon Ramsay of the nightclub scene, is in Lynch’s hometown of Oakland, California to get his family in line. Just like the super bowl champ, Lynch’s family is full of personality, which includes his older brother delivering roses to women in the bar with his mouth on ladies’ night. This is definitely going to be an entertaining episode.

In every episode of the show, Taffer sits with the owner of the bar and observes the operation to see what can be changed and get some history behind the establishment. During the clip, Lynch explains that an old friend of his who died named Rob was like a brother figure in his life, and his family also makes up some of the staff.

“I ain’t gon’ lie to you that’s more of a touchy subject,” says Lynch when explaining the inspiration behind the bar. “I mean, that just my brother. Just from as early as I can remember, opening up my eyes and him being in my life. And he was taken away from me. Just the impact that he left on my life, the name of the restaurant is in honor of him.”

In the clip, we learn that Lynch’s bar hasn’t been profitable after Taffer does some research and reveals that the bar lost over $3,000 over just two days for pouring heavy drinks.

To see the bar get rescued and the amazing personalities of the staff, watch the latest episode this Sunday, April 26, to cap off your NFL Draft weekend.