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Premiere Of HBO's 'Insecure' - Arrivals

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The second season of Insecure has electrified the Twittersphere with #TeamLawrence debates and recaps, but the appearance and lack of condom use in the latest episode has sparked a serious dialogue on sexual health.

In a recent article on Very Smart Brothas titled “In Insecure, Where Are The Condoms?” writer Jozen Cummings points out all of the instances where the “no glove, no love” ideology seemed to be completely tossed out in favor of spontaneity.

During this Sunday’s episode, Issa Rae took it upon herself to speak out about condom use in the plot line of the show. She pointed out that they tend to place condoms in the background to imply usage, but they will make more of a conscious effort to include them in the third season.

Many people applauded Issa’s thoughtful and respectful response to the masses.

Others wondered why it needed to be addressed in the first place.

But some had important questions for Issa that needed clarification:

Regardless of the outcome, we’re glad that our favorite awkward Black girl spoke up and that the Insecure team is making conscious moves for the third season.