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Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors

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Steve Kerr took a few moments to open up about his legendary fight with Michael Jordan.

Even though MJ punched him in the face, the Warriors coach wants fans to know it wasn’t that big of a deal back in his day as fights were not uncommon. During an interview with Ernie Johnson, he said of the altercation “For me, in that case, Michael was definitely testing me and I responded and I feel like I passed the test and he tested me more afterwards.”

Prior to that comment, he spoke on the difference in basketball culture back then…

“One thing that was more prevalent back then, than now, is the intensity of practices back then,” Kerr told Johnson, adding “My point is, practices were really intense. They were a huge part of the Bulls and Michael setting a standard for our play. So, Practice fights — not only on that team, there were probably three of ’em during the year on that team — on every team I played on in the late ’80s, early ’90s, there were a few practice fights. There was just a lot of competition and things would get out of hand and it wasn’t really a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.”

Check out the quick clip below.