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Portrait of a bathing ape founder Tomoaki Nagao in his shop, Central. 31 March 2006

–Source: South China Morning Post / Getty

Since we’ve all been stuck at home a lot, we’ve realized a lot of things.

Sure, you’ve been forced to think about your own thoughts a lot more or how annoying the people you live with are, but I’m talking about the essential things, like the interior design updates you’ve realized are dire. Like realizing that that computer chair you’ve had since college needs to go, or you’ve thought about really growing up and investing in a trunk. (That trunk can double as that chair we just told you about if you place it at the foot of your bed, by the way.)

But if you’ve been thinking about getting a trunk to elevate your living space, then look no further than Nigo‘s latest collaborate with Virgil Abloh‘s Louis Vuitton. If you thought it’d just be an oversized LV monogrammed piece of wood with clean leather trimmings, then you’ve got it all wrong. Well, there is leather and wood, but the classic LV details are replaced with a lowkey woven pattern. The edges are leather and are reinforced with metal corners and opening latch.

Nigo — the founder of Human Made, Bape and the co-founder of The Billionaire Boys Club–is a longtime fan of Louis Vuitton, and after he announced the collab with Virgil in December, it’s nice to see the two fashion legends deliver. However, when revealing the pictures, Nigo, unfortunately, didn’t mention a release date.

In other Abloh news, he recently announced that Off-White x Nike Dunk is on the way.

“Yeah, I’m doing another Dunk. You heard it here first, kids,” Abloh said as he held up a rough sketch of the upcoming collab. Abloh’s retooling of the Dunk has only added to the fire behind the new silhouette as Nike retros the Be True To Your School collection and SB raise again in popularity.