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Boston Celtics Introduce New Players Kyrie Irving And Gordon Hayward

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

As you prepare to get lost in your MyCareer on September 19, the folks behind NBA 2K has finally unveiled the cover for this year’s iteration of the game.

Kyrie Irving was always set to be on the cover of 2K18, but it originally showed him doing a reverse lay-up and—most importantly— wearing a Cavaliers uniform. But as the result of the bizarre trade that sent Isaiah Thomas to the Cavaliers and Irving to Beantown, he’s now donning the Celtic green and white.

2K promptly changed the cover and will drop it at a later date, per the tweet above. For those who can’t wait for the game to drop in a few week, The Prelude—a brief taste of the start of MyCareer mode—drops this Friday.

It’s available as a free download on Xbox LIVE and Playstation, and the Ball family will be all over it. The realism is on a whole new level this time around, as the makers of 2K immerse you in life outside the game, too. Not only will Lonzo’s Zo2’s be featured in the game, but you’ll be able to “text” LaVar.