black lives matter

We are fighting in the Black freedom movement that our ancestors started fighting when the first colonists attempted to capture them.

The NFL is constantly deemed the least progressive among the sports leagues, and a coach’s recent comments aren’t helping. Jack Del Rio, a former linebacker who now runs the Washington Commander’s defense, made some disparaging remarks when comparing Black Lives Matter protests to the January 6 riots at the US Capitol. On Twitter, he questioned why […]


NYC Mayor Eric Adams criticized the social justice group Black Lives Matter in comments to a local news network when queried about what more could his office do to combat the rise of gun violence in the city, punctuated by the brutal shooting attack on a subway train in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning.

It’s very clear that all the protests, trials, and convictions regarding police brutality and the killings of Black people have done nothing to change the practices of violent and trigger-happy cops. Because a new deadly police story has come out of the same city George Floyd was murdered in and it’s one that sounds eerily […]

In a series of experiments, researchers played 250 audio clips featuring 414 people of varying races and genders, who were all stopped by the police.

The company is being transparent about what it has accomplished so far; head inside.

Norwegian MP Petter Eide filed papers nominating the Black Lives Matter movement for a Nobel Peace Prize. In his nomination documents, he points to how the movement compelled other countries outside of the US to take a long hard look at racism within their own societies and how it is confronted.