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Uber has announced the launch of a perk where the delivery fee on Black-owned restaurants will be waived while using Uber Eats, according to an email titled “Uber Stands With The Black Community” that went out to customers Thursday night. The price cut will remain active throughout 2020.

Shares of Uber stock peaked to the highest they have been since the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the US Economy and way of life. Those who use Uber Eats will see that there is a large banner urging customers to eat from Black-owned restaurants, and the Black-owned spots in your are compiled on the app.

Of course, all of this has been inspired by the protests and riots resulting from George Floyd’s murder at the hands of four officers who were formerly employed by the Minneapolis Police Department. At first, Derek Chauvin –the main culprit– was fired and later arrested before the remaining three cops who responded to the call were taken into custody and also charged.

Uber has said that this new feature is a direct result of requests from its users. It is expected to increase business to Black restaurants, but there is no report on just how much it is expected to increase orders. In the coming weeks,  Uber also plans to offer discounted rides to Black-owned small businesses.

To round out the push for diversity, CEO Dana Khosrowshahi also said that the company would be looking to hire more diversely throughout. According to the NY Times, Uber’s staff as of 2019 was 45% white, 33% Asian, 9% Black, and 8% Hispanic.