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George Floyd’s fatal arrest is making an impact around the world.


Floyd’s tragic death is inspiring many to not open their hearts, but to also open up their wallets and purses. TMZ is reporting that a GoFundMe campaign set up for Floyd a little over a week ago, has set a record by receiving the most number of individual donations a spokesperson told the celebrity gossip site.

Per TMZ:

With nearly 500k donations and counting, the fundraiser’s amassed nearly $13 million. We’re told the campaign has gone global, getting donations from 125 countries.

According to Floyd’s brother, Philonisesays the money will help cover funeral and burial expenses, pay for lodging and all travel for court proceedings, and help the family going as they continue the fight for justice. A portion of the money will also help take care of kids and fund their education.

The news about George Floyd’s GoFundMe campaign comes directly after his memorial service held in Minneapolis, where Al Sharpton delivered a powerful eulogy. Protests also continued for a 10th-day in solitary with Floyd’s service across the nation and will continue on for not only Floyd but for Breonna Taylor whos case was reopened by the FBI, Ahmaud Arbery and more.

Floyd’s GoFundMe campaigned has passed the ridiculous one set up for Trump’s southern border wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, which is now number 2 on the GoFundMe donations list launched in December 2018. 300K morons have donated to it, and it has raised more than $25 million.

A coronavirus campaign with the goal of raising funds for intensive care beds in Italy is third on the list. The country was initially walloped by the virus. The campaign got 206k individual donations in less than 3 months.