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Kanye West Announces YEEZY x GAP Collaboration On Twitter

Source: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty

Kanye West just took one giant step toward accomplishing one of his long-time goals.


West happily announced on Twitter today (Jun.26) his new collaboration between his YEEZY fashion line and the GAP. While not revealing too much, the “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” rapper shared a photo of the aesthetic, and it’s basically his signature plain look using his favorite classic fashion staples hoodies, cargo pants, quilted jackets, and accessories. It also looks like Ye is ditching his favorite earth tones.

West captioned the photo #WESTDAYEVER, signaling he is happy about the collaboration and the fact he just got closer to becoming the “Steve Jobs of GAP.” This is a full-circle moment for Ye. If you remember, he mentioned working at the fashion staple on the album College Dropout. On the fan-favorite track “Spaceship” he rapped:

“Let’s go back, back to the GAP, look at my check, wasn’t no scratch.”

In 2009 it was rumored that West became an intern at the company and shadowed behind Patrick Robinson, who was creative director at the time. In an interview, Robinson shut that down explaining:

“He’s not my intern!” 

“He’s a friend of mine, and he just likes to see what we do. I tell him, if he wants people to take him seriously in fashion, they have to see blood first! They have to see the blood and the sweat, to see that he really wants it — but he definitely has the capability.”

Robinson more than likely broke Ye’s fashion heart when he suggested that “he should stick to music.”

Yeezy spoke about his time with Robinson at the GAP, where he just hung out and worked GAP for free in an interview with 99.6 NOW!

“I went to the GAP and I said ‘Lemme try to do something’ and I couldn’t get past the politics,” he explained. “And I’m like ‘I’m telling you, I got it. I know it. I can do it. Gimme a shot.’ Our first night [on the Yeezus Tour] we sold $83,000 in tour merch. Imagine if you take these thoughts and connect it with a corporation like the GAP.”

It finally looks like the YEEZITES finally are getting their YEEZY clothing at the affordable price points West dreamed of for so long.

Photo: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty