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Believe it or not, there were once simpler times in America. I can think back to when the biggest news on Twitter was the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. The effects of the craze which happened around August of 2019 are still being felt well into 2020, according to Grubhub.

On Thursday, the food delivery service announced the release of its annual “State of the Plate” report. The report found that over half a million orders were placed in the first half of the year, and it continued to analyze the food trends of Americans while they were on lockdown for a good portion of the half of the year.

The spicy chicken sandwich saw a 300 percent increase in popularity this year that includes the period when Popeyes released their chicken sandwich, and the world went crazy in August of 2019. That increase easily qualifies the chicken sandwich (from all stores) as the top 2020 food item to date. Coming in at a close second was the new plant-based burgers with a staggering 291 percent increase, and vanilla shakes were third with 273 percent. Iced lattes and chili rounded out the top five.

Plant-based burgers also saw a considerable increase. Black bean burgers saw a 233 percent increase, followed by grilled portobello mushroom burgers increasing a 179 percent.

Peep the entire top 10 foods of 2020 to date below:

  1. spicy chicken sandwich: 299% more popular
  2. plant-based burger: 291% more popular
  3. vanilla shake: 273% more popular
  4. iced latte: 261% more popular
  5. chili: 228% more popular
  6. cinnamon roll: 205% more popular
  7. chimichanga: 195% more popular
  8. beef burrito: 181% more popular
  9. potato taco: 169% more popular
  10. taro milk tea: 168% more popular

Check out the most popular foods by major cities:

  • New York City: Mushroom burger: 150% more popular
  • Los Angeles: California burrito: 286% more popular
  • Chicago: Gyro: 299% more popular
  • Philadelphia: Buffalo chicken pizza: 323% more popular
  • Dallas-Fort Worth: Elote: 191% more popular
  • Bay Area (SF, Oakland, San Jose): Saag paneer: 389% more popular
  • Washington, DC: Drunken noodle: 166% more popular
  • Houston: Fried mushrooms: 238% more popular
  • Boston: Lettuce wrap: 268% more popular
  • Atlanta: Plant-based burger: 147% more popular

You can check out Grubhub’s full State of the Plate report here.