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Nike Zoom Freak 2

Source: Nike / Nike

The NBA season may be out of wack, but Nike’s definitely got some heat for Giannis Antetokounmpo to rock when play resumes.

The Milwaukee Bucks big man and the swoosh have finally unveiled the second coming of his signature shoe, dubbed the Zoom Freak 2. With the second iteration, Nike took the chance to improve upon parts of the sneaker to make the Greek Freak even more unstoppable by catering to his unicorn-like moves. He’s known for driving to the basket, so to make that gather easier, Nike added a reinforced forefoot outrigger on the shoes lateral side that always Giannis much more contact with the ground as he gathers.

Antektekounmpo is a special player, so he needs an extraordinary shoe that supports his moves.

“What Giannis does in space is directly connected to his body proportions,” says Ross Klein, Senior Creative Director for Nike Basketball. “What’s different about his movements is that he’s causing so much pressure when he hits those steps, like the Eurostep, that we need to help propel him and contain him further near the toe.”

In other Giannis news, the current league MVP has no problems with the conditions in the bubble while other players struggle with the tight confines. Coronavirus aside, he’s happy to get back on the court given life’s past transgressions.

“I’m in a situation where I’m extremely blessed, and I cannot complain. Obviously, it doesn’t matter where you are in life, there’s always something to complain, there’s always a problem and an issue,” Antetokounmpo recently told ESPN. “But I try to kind of not focus on that. So as I said, my apartment in Greece, when I was younger, with my four brothers, was way smaller than the suite that I have in the hotel, so I’m just trying to enjoy the moment.”

For a more in-depth look at what went into makes the Zoom Freak 2 check out the gallery below.

Nike Zoom Freak 2 [Detailed Photos]
Nike Zoom Freak 2
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