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Utah Jazz All-Star Center Ruby Gobert remembers being in a state of disbelief when he got the positive test results back from his coronavirus test back in March.

Gobert says the most horrifying experience of everything is the lack of information about the long term effects that COVID-19 can have on your body and your immune system. Gobert spoke with ESPN’s Lisa Salters about his diagnosis and subsequent recovery.

Gobert was the first NBA player diagnosed with COVID-19; days later, teammate Donovan Mitchell tested positive. The NBA then decided to take action and suspend to 2019-20 season until further notice. Now the NBA is scheduled to resume on July 30.

The NBA announced in June its plan to resume at the end of July. The season will take place in a “bubble” of sorts at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Gobert told Salters he was initially a bit skeptical about the idea because of the pandemic and ongoing social justice protests. He has since come around to the approach.

“When you think about it, you realize that it’s also a good opportunity for us to use our platforms and also, like I said, with all the money that’s being made—not just for us but the owners, for everyone—there’s a lot of good things to do for our communities,” said Gobert.

Back in April, a clip made its way around the internet of Gobert seemingly mocking the social distance precautions the league placed to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Days later, Gobert tested positive for COVID-19 after experiencing a little cold, and all other tests for flu and other viruses came back negative.

There was much to say about the possibility of Rudy Gobert giving Donovan Mitchell the virus. Still, Mitchell downplays any problems between the two, stating that it didn’t add to frustration for testing positive for COVID-19. “One was basketball, one was life.”

The Jazz will be back on the court July 30 against the New Orleans Pelicans. They sit fourth in the Western Conference ahead of the eight seeding games that will finalize the playoff field.