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Breonna Taylor

Source: Courier Journal / Handout

The three Louisville officers who killed Breonna Taylor (Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove) have yet to be held accountable for their crime. Still fighting for justice in Breonna’s name, the nation continues to protest and bring awareness to police violence aimed at the Black community.

This week, bicyclists protested from Jefferson Square to West Louisville in a demonstration that was reportedly called the “Say Her Name Bike Ride.”

” This was my way of giving some type of emotional release because I ride my bike for mental health. It helps me during quarantine to be able to get on my bike by myself, social distancing, and all that. It’s the one thing that saves my mental disposition,” the protest’s organizer Erica Williams said, according to Blavity.

“I asked a few people about it and it was well received. As soon as I sent the link out for this event, you guys jumped on it. WLKY even showed up. Someone also volunteered for SAG support with cold drinks. The energy you guys brought tonight was perfect. Look out for pics, videos, and a Say Her Name Bike Ride Part 2,” Erica reportedly wrote on Facebook.

At this time, only Brett Hankison has been fired for the events that resulted in Breonna being gunned down in her own home. We will continue to keep you updated as more news surfaces. See a clip from WLKY below and may Breonna and the countless lives lost to racism and systemic oppression rest in peace.