Still fighting for justice in Breonna's name, the nation continues to protest and bring awareness to the cause of police violence aimed at the Black community. 

The Fresh Prince posted a video he's calling 'No Justice, No Peace,' in honor of the protests going on around the world.

Michael Jordan and The Jordan Brand have announced a $100,000,000 donation over the next decade to "drive real impact for the Black community." Details insde.

The famed couple draped themselves in all Black everything and took to social media to speak on how important the protests are.

Kaep has given his life to the fight against police brutality in America, so it's no surprise that he's speaking up against the tragic murder of George Floyd.

Celebrities are standing with the people in speaking out against the racist criminal "justice" system that allowed for Floyd's death; see what Ice Cube has had to say inside.


Mr. Carter's been giving back.


The University of Wisconsin introduced a new policy that bans students from interrupting campus speeches and presentations.