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Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz - Game Three

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As NBA players come together to stand up for justice in the Black community, Donovan Mitchell is making sure he does his part.

The Utah Jazz shooting guard is donating $45,000 from the sales of his shoe release to the education of Jacob Blake’s children. He took to his official Instagram account to make the announcement. “What’s up guys? Donovan Mitchell here. In today’s climate our actions mean everything. People all over the world are asking the same question: how can I take action? In such trying times, in turmoil, we must continue our efforts to bring awareness and change. Enough is enough and we are tired,” he began.

Mitchell goes on to say that he believes education is the answer to beating systemic racism, voter suppression, and more. He then reveals he reached out to Adidas to see how they could come together to help in light of everything that’s going on — and the company decided to match the first $45K in sales from his shoe release. So, a total of $90K will go to the education of Jacob Blake’s children from Mitchell’s efforts alone.

“This one is different for me. For the first 45 hours of the #DONISSUE2 spidey-sense drop, I will be donating $45k of the proceeds to support the education of Jacob Blake’s children. I’ve also partnered with Adidas who will match my donation for a total of $90k,” he captioned the announcement clip.

If you somehow missed it, Jacob Blake was shot in the back at least 7 times by Kenosha police, while his three children watched. He is currently paralyzed from the waist down. We are praying for his full recovery as well as justice for his family and the Black community.