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Wanna role play? Tis the season to be kinky. Most Halloween costumes are tossed aside after the big night—or are on fire sale at stores. But you can be smarter and more resourceful than the usual freak.

Instead of wasting your investment, use the gear to kick things off with your partner and spice up your sex life beyond All Hallow’s Eve via… role play. Just a little cosplay can add a layer of excitement and playfulness to sex. Remain in character to turn up the fun and release your inhibitions (read: try kinky or “different” things you’ve been wanting to try). For many couples, role playing encourages stronger orgasms and deeper intimate connections. Donning your costumes during sex is all about keeping things entertaining, so the key to success is going with the moment.  If you need some inspiration about how to kick off your episodes, check out some of the more common fantasy get-ups and start creating your own sexy scenarios to play out.


1 The “Pipe-Cleaning” Plumber

An easy-to-create fave, all you have to do is grab your tool belt and show up to your sex appointment with your girl to clear out her pipes. Kick things off with a “client consultation” via text message reminding her of her appointment time. When you show up, remain in character right down to the “plumber’s butt.” Make sure to keep things fun.  And no boxers under your jeans—gotta be ready to slide inside to do your inspecting.


2 The “Hands-On” Referee

If you’ve been chatting up dominant/submissive play— and have the green light from your partner— this is a cool way to introduce the dynamic. As “The Ref” you’re a controlling and fair dominant. Bring a whistle, call out the positions she should be in, call fouls if she’s lacking in performance and determine the penalties.


3 The “Skin-Sucking” Vampire

If you and your girl are into biting, then playing the Lord of the Underworld is right up your alley. Put on your extended incisors, throw on your cape and creep over to her place at night to seduce her. This is also perfect for the woman, or male, who loves erotic asphyxiation (choking). Focus on her tender neck as you whisper your plans of ravaging her into her ears—and make sure you deliver.


4 “The Frisky” Fireman

Your girl is in heat and there is no better way to cool her down than to meet her with your water hose. Throw on your uniform, have your girl text you a 911 message, and show up to put out her fire. Let her know it’s time for her to play with your hose, and see what’s popping.


5 “The Good” Doctor

Your girl seems to have come down with a case of vitamin D deficiency. Grab your medicine bag, fill it with your tools and prescriptions (lube, condoms, massage oil, candles, vibrators, hand cuffs, blindfold, etc.) and make your way to visit your sick patient. Sit her down on the bed and do a thorough examination from her head to her toes. Take your time with her because you have all night to give her the treatment she needs. Use your personal inspection instrument to examine deeply within her sacred space.

Glamazon Tyomi is CASSIUS’ resident sexpert and true pro at all things freaky. Don’t believe it? Just watch @TheGlamazonTyomi.