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Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets - Game Three

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NBA bubble beef is up and running.

Heckling NBA players is nothing new and often hilarious for those who spend big money on seats that are within earshot of the players. But the only problem is when you’re trash-talking from the sidelines in the bubble, it’s pretty easy for the players to know who is hurling insults their way because there are so few people there.

The league recently started to allow players to have family and friends courtside since they’ve been away from them for a few months, and that group includes William Rondo, the brother of Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo. At game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals, Will took the opportunity to trash talk Russell Westbrook and call him “trash.” Westbrook is never one to back down from a challenge both on and off the court, so as soon as he heard the insult while LeBron James was taking foul shots, he immediately turned around. As he yelled back at Will, a referee held him back and pushed him towards the other side of the court.  Of course, Will was asked to leave the game after starting up some unnecessary drama.



Rajon was asked about his brother’s action after the game and played off the whole situation.

“He didn’t say anything crazy, raise his voice and cuss. He called the man ‘Trash.’ As players, we get away with manipulating the game and manipulating the referees as if we are being attacked. I’ve done it in the past,” Rondo told The Undefeated.

Westbrook also spoke about the insults but was less understanding.

“Rondo was talking sh-t. He decided he wanted to hop in too. Those rules stand for everybody,” he explained. “When you cross that line, he’s supposed to be at home. He started talking crazy, and I don’t play that.”

Chances are, the two will have to run into each other again since William is the mastermind behind the bubble’s barbershop and grooming program.