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Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans

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Isaiah Thomas and Rajon Rondo finally met on the court, and thankfully, they both brought that same energy.

A few weeks ago, the two former Boston Celtics crossed wires amid Thomas possibly being honored with a tribute video the same day Paul Pierce’s jersey was being retired. Rondo wasn’t a fan of that… at all.

“What has he done?” Rondo said when asked about Thomas’ potential tribute. IT only played two seasons for the Celtics, while Rondo spent eight seasons with Boston and helped bring the city a championship in 2008. That tribute video was also scheduled for the night the Cavs played the Celtics, and by the time that happened, IT had been shipped to the Lakers.

The two faced off for the first time since Rondo’s comment as the Lakers took on the New Orleans Pelicans Wednesday night. Rondo hung onto Thomas wherever he went, and after the two had a couple of run-ins, they both got technical fouls in the first quarter and were ejected. It probably didn’t help that Thomas’ Celtics knocked off Rondo’s Bulls in the playoffs last year.

“Whatever reason, he’s an upset guy about me,” Thomas told ESPN after the loss. “I don’t know what it is, but it’s fine. He kept bringing the tribute up when I was the one that shut the tribute down. I’m far past that. … For me to be ejected was uncalled for.”

In the post-game interview, Thomas said he already knew Rondo was trying to get under his skin as soon as he entered the game. “He already had his agenda written down right when I checked into the game,” he stated. “It was obvious. He picked me up full court, trying to be physical.”

Thomas wasn’t pleased by the ejection. His coach, Luke Walton, would be ejected as well. But the big story of the game was Anthony Davis going off for 42 points in the blowout 139-117 win.

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