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Winter is coming.

And while it will be unlike any other winter since it will be full of masks and social distancing, the need to get fresh is forever. Once you get your fits right, it’s time get a hefty jacket to make all those late-night ventures cozy AF–, and we’re hoping Gucci and The North Face will have you covered. The two brands –one known for luxury and opulence and the other for being uncompromisable outerwear– are coming together to make something truly special. Yup, Gucci, and The North Face are connecting.

Both brands announced the coupling on their respective Instagram accounts with teaser videos that include The North Face’s half dome logo accented with Gucci’s famous green and red palette on a flag pitched in a summit.

Little is known about the collab, including what will be released or pricing info. Still, a Gucci rep did reveal to Elle that “Gucci and The North Face confirm that they will be bringing a collaboration to life in the coming months that celebrates the rich heritage of both brands.”

While the two brands might veer off into different lanes, they do share an effort in reducing their carbon footprint. The North Face predominantly sells outdoor gear, so part of its goal has always been to protect and educate nature while preserving it.

“The North Face is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. From the solar installations at our facilities to the energy saving practices in our textile mills, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact,” says Conrad Anker, an Alpinist, and The North Face athlete. “It is more than ‘doing the right thing’ – it is our brand heritage.’’


Gucci, on the other hand, has just released its first Off The Grid collection dedicated to using recycled, organic, bio-based, and sustainably sourced materials. We can’t wait to see what magic the two brands come together to create.