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2020 NBA Finals - Game One

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty

If there’s a professional sports league with the freshest players, it’s likely the NBA.

Even within the bubble, the league’s most elite have managed to stay fly and, in some instances bringing awareness to causes like the death of Breona Taylor and urging people to vote. The league never shies away from listening to its players, and it doesn’t change style-wise, and it looks like the NBA is collaborating with Louis Vuitton for some official drip.

The latest in the collection to leak is the traditional looking LV duffel, dubbed the Keepall Bandoulière. From the sides, it seems like the typical beige monogram, but with further inspection, you see the white stripes, red luggage tag, and blue shoulder strap that are reminiscent of the NBA’s logo. And once you turn the bag to the side, one of the panels is made of a basketball net. The first colorway of the bag that surfaced was white with silver monograms. To make things official, both bags are detailed with the league’s Jerry West logo.

It was reported that at the top of 2020, the NBA would be working with LV in some capacity, but until now, no one knew exactly what that entailed. This is just the latest way that Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear collection, is branching out from the fashion house’s usual offerings to expand the customer base. And in doing so, he’s showed younger designers what they’re capable of doing now that he’s helped pave the way.

“I didn’t grow up with many icons or idols to pattern my career on,” Abloh told Fast Company. “But at my businesses, I’ve seen artists and designers of my skin color do things in two months that took me 25 years to accomplish.”