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JAY-Z & Team Roc Posts Bail & Pays Court Fees For Alvin Cole Protestors

Source: Bernard Smalls  / @PhotosByBeanz

Protesters in Wisconsin got a huge assist from JAY-Z.


After the announcement that no charges would be brought against the officer who gunned down 17-year-old Alvin Cole back in February, protestors took the streets of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, to voice their frustration and anger. Like Antonio Gonzales and Jay Anderson, Cole became the third man of color gunned down by Officer Joseph Mensah during police stops in a five-year span.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm announced on October 8 that no charges will be brought against Mensah for recklessly taking Cole’s life, sparking protests that saw Cole’s mother, Tracy, and other protestors arrested and put in jail Thursday night in Wauwatosa. Tracy was also reportedly a victim of “excessive force” and was injured during her arrest. CBS News reports that Jigga and his social justice initiative Team Roc stepped up big time and paid an undisclosed amount in court fees for Tracy and her daughters Taleavia, Tristiana, and Tahudah, and several other protestors.

JAY-Z and Team Roc also paid for the bail bonds and citation fees for any of the protesters arrested for peacefully protesting in Wauwatosa. They are also calling for Wisconsin Governor Evers to appoint a special prosecutor to take another look at the investigation.

Hov has been keeping a watchful eye on the situation. In July, penned an opened letter in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel calling for the prosecution of Mensah by Milwaukee police.

“His actions demonstrate an utter disregard for the lives of these young men. The law demands that each shot fired from a police officer’s gun is carefully and thoroughly scrutinized. Nineteen shots and three deaths in five years are not a pattern of accidents.”

Salute to JAY-Z and Team Roc.

Photo: Bernard Smalls  / @PhotosByBeanz

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