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As Pharrell readies his own skincare brand, he’s revealing his own secrets.

The 42-year-old musician has been atop the hip hop scene for the better part of two decades, and while his fashion has changed, the one thing that stayed the same is how flawless his skin looks. And yes, he’s dropping his own line of skincare named Humanrace, but he’s finally opening up about what he’s been using to keep him looking younger than ever.

He begins by explaining that he’s got a skincare routine that he religiously knocks out every morning and told GQ in the latest edition of Grooming Gods how important it is to go to a reliable dermatologist so you use the products that are best for your skin type.

“She made me start to think about things differently,” he was of his dermatologist, Dr. Elena Jones. “That’s when I developed my understanding that skincare is a necessity. Your face is the expression of your personality—you gotta take care of it.”

One of his tips includes massaging your cleanser in upward circles because supermodel Naomi Campbell told him to “never go downward.” He also says that exfoliating is really important, saying, “I’m always talking about exfoliating like a mad man.” The rapper also stresses the importance of moisturizing after you exfoliate and explains that he uses Isdin Flav-C Ultraglican Ampoule to make sure he gets an ample amount of Vitamin C.

But there are also a few things that you might forget when trying to get your skincare right, like making sure you take care of your lips by never letting them get dry and admitting that all he drinks is water could also contribute to his good skin.

Beginning November 25, you’ll be able to buy the products separately or as a $100 bundle on Humanrace’s site.