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Big Facts

A shooting in California left at least four dead and 10 injured on Tuesday when a gunman opened fire for 45 minutes in several locations in Rancho Tehama. At least one victim was a young elementary student. The suspected shooter, Kevin Janson Neal, is said to have been “feuding with his neighbors,” who were reportedly his first targets. “Neal was known to authorities and had at least one prior arrest,” CBS News reports. His neighbors had also reportedly complained of him firing “multiple rounds” for days before the shooting, which ended up at Rancho Tehama Elementary School.

Big News

New York-based office-sharing company WeWork is looking to hire 1,500 refugees over the next few years. According to The Washington Post, the initiative aligns with plans to hire around the same amount of veterans, but despite all going on in Trump Land—including January’s travel ban executive order—WeWork CEO Adam Neumann says it’s “not a political statement.” Instead, Neumann explains to The Washington Post that it was birthed from “a grass-roots effort and a desire to take an active role in solving a bigger problem.”

Big Lies

Trump hasn’t been back in the states for a full 12 hours and he’s already slamming media outlets. Upon his return to the White House on Tuesday evening, 45 announced that a recap of his trip to Asia will be recapped by Fox & Friends. “Our great country is respected again in Asia,” he tweeted on Wednesday morning. “You will see the fruits of our long but successful trip for many years to come!” He then took the moment to direct some trash talk toward CNN, referring to the respected news network as a “loser,” because you know, diplomacy.

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