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Back in 2010, American Express launched its first Small Business Saturday (SBS) as a way to help bolster an economy dragging itself out of a recession. Less than a decade later, the day is recognized by businesses and agencies around the country. While millions of dollars are spent during the day, it’s also a way to spread awareness about the business…and keep the money trickling in. The best way to help a small business—besides spending money there—is to connect it with more customers. Here are five things you can do to go hard for your favorite small businesses on Saturday.

Make a Special Trip to the Business You’ve Been Meaning to Patronize

SBS is the day to go out of your way—and bring some friends along. Is there a restaurant, hotel or bakery you’ve been meaning to try? Sounds like it’s time for a road trip. Whether it take a few minutes or hours, head over to the spot and support.

Prepay For Services

Need a your taxes done or house cleaning services at the top of the year? Don’t just think about services you’ll want today— consider those you can use in the future. If nothing comes to mine for yourself think about your family and friends, and upcoming events.

Post an Image with #SmallBusiness Saturday

If the business is dope tell folks. Write an online review. Post an image and tag the brand. Do whatever you can to help the company thrive.

Bring Repeat Biz

Can you buy goods from this business on a regular basis? Should this be your new coffee spot, dry cleaners or contractor? If you’re trying a business for the first time consider how to bring your dollars back.

Buy the Biz’s Para

Rock the brand’s t-shirt. Buy a few mugs and put them in your office. Place its sticker on your bumper or window. Think of all the cool ways you can introduce folks to the brand.