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J Balvin For McDonald's

Source: McDonald’s / McDonald’s

Colombian reggaeton sensation J Balvin and McDonald’s were supposed to launch a new merchandise line this year, available for sale through Balvin’s website. According to analysts, the deal’s objective was to mimic the huge success of a similar project launched by Travis Scott and the Golden Arches earlier in 2020.

At the time of the deal’s announcement, the singer said, “Not only did I want to bring my personality to the McDonald’s menu, I also wanted to share my energy and creativity in a way that elevates our partnership through an exclusive merch collection that we created with my team.”

But now it looks like there’s a different tune being sung.

Vibras Lab, the management company, co-founded by J Balvin’s manager Fabio Acosta, issued an email to customers letting them know that existing orders would be canceled since the resultant items to be shipped “did not meet our expectations with the products.”

Business Insider also received an official email from one of J Balvin’s reps reaffirming that there would be no merch because of “production challenges.”

J Balvin For McDonald's

Source: McDonald’s / McDonald’s

Initially, the merchandise line was to include all kinds of branded apparel, including shirts, towels, hoodies, and even quirkier items like a McFlurry bucket hat and Big Mac slippers.

But while his fans may not get everything they wanted, they won’t be left empty-handed in the end. Instead, they’ll have their money refunded along with a J Balvin beanie hat and a note from the singer.

Mcdonald’s has officially made no comment at this time. However, if you would like to comfort yourself with something to munch on, you can still order yourself a J Balvin meal. And, if you can get it made successfully – a Big Mac (hold the pickles), fries with ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry – then consider yourself lucky to be near a McDonald’s soft serve machine that still works!