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DJ D-Nice Launches 2021 Ford F-150

Source: Ford / FORD

Back in the early days of quarantine, DJ D-Nice was putting on for the people with Club Quarantine.

As the coronavirus began to run rampant through the country and Americans were still adjusting to being stuck in the house, DJ D-Nice wanted to bring some happiness in such dark times, so he would go on Instagram Live and play music for hours on end. Like any other party, people would check in on the comments, and some celebrities even made cameos. From that grew the Verzuz competition as another way for people to enjoy music while not knowing when concerts would return safely.

Now, D-Nice is being recognized for his ability to keep everyone’s spirits up by getting the chance to help introduce the new 2021 Ford F-150. Yup– he’s officially Ford tough and has his own commercial to prove it.

“Being tough has new meaning to me after partying in ‘Club Quarantine’ with some of the strongest people I have ever met,” said D-Nice. “I’m proud to introduce the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 that they built tougher to take your hustle to the next level.”

The newly introduced Ford F-150 also includes a center console that transforms into an Interior Work Surface that’s perfect for signing documents, working on a laptop, or eating a quick meal. For D-Nice, it can be used if he’s making last-minute changes to his set, which pairs perfectly with the Pro Power Onboard, so there’s no need to lug around a huge generator. In the age of quarantine, that makes playing outdoor, socially distanced gigs even easier.

To learn more about the Ford F-150 or the More Than Tough campaign, you can visit Ford’s site.