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On the latest episode of He Shoots, She Scores… And A Side of Beanz, the boys take over with Jada on vacation.

After a two-week break, the boys get straight to the NBA pettiness that is Enes Kanter and LeBron James. What started as LeBron James trying to fire up his team turned into a supposed Frank Ntilikina diss and Kanter standing up for his team… even two weeks after the kerfuffle. Bron Bron got his first ejection of the game and Kanter’s twitter fingers were ready. Bruce is glad Kanter has adapted NYC’s gritty culture so quickly but is quick to realize that Beanz was right—order is being restored to the NBA and the rightful frontrunners are making it known. We talk the current standing in the league, the Cleveland Cavaliers 9-game winning streak, and that fateful moment where we thought Kristaps Porzingis suffered a terrible ankle injury.

The Boston Celtics have somehow managed to use Gordon Hayward‘s season-ending injury as a catalyst to get their shit together and allow their young players to get tons of minutes and show and prove. We also talk about the New York Giants deciding to bench Eli Manning and the emotional interview Manning gave the media as his 210 game-starting streak comes to an end. Even Beanz, who we all know isn’t a Giants fan, admits that you can’t spell elite without Eli.

Elsewhere, we talk about the NFL’s decision to donate up to $100 million to social justice causes chosen by the players and theorize what might be going on that led to the supposed crumbling of the NFL’s Players Coalition. Will Tiger Woods ever don a Master’s jacket again? Will Lonzo Ball’s future level out and will he become a formidable leader in the league?

Find out that and more on the 10th installment of He Shoots, She Scores… And A Side of Beanz below.