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Check out the bad, the more bad and bigly moments from this week in the Trump presidency:


Wednesday, December 20

  • The numbers from an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll are in and only a third of American say they will definitely vote for President Donald Trump if he runs for re-election in 2020.
  • Trump’s approval rating currently sits at 35 percent, which is the lowest ever for a president in the December of his first year in office.


Tuesday, December 19

  • While reports surfaced that President Trump wanted to pull his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, 45 of course, tweeted that it was “FAKE NEWS.” He said that he never wavered on his decision and his proud of the work he’s been doing.
  • Trump outlined a new security policy that mentions China and Russia as wanting to “shape a world antithetical to US values and interests.” China clapped back by saying the US should  “abandon its Cold War mentality and zero-sum game concept,” and not doing so “would only harm itself as well as others.”
  • With the Dow Jones reaching an astronomical height we’ve never seen, Trump is thanking himself in a never-ending effort to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Monday, December 18

  • According to Newsweek, President Donald Trump is being tricked into keeping programs that were enacted during Obama’s presidency. To throw him off the trail, D.C. is simply renaming them or rejigging their purpose. The finesse.
  • Trump hasn’t been feeling Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein lately so he called him a “threat to his presidency,” said he was weak and accused him of being a democrat… even though he’s a Republican.
  • Still holding tight that there was no collusion whatsoever, Trump admitted that he doesn’t plan on firing special counsel Robert S. Mueller III as suspicions continue to rise surrounding the Russian investigation.