The women’s NCAA basketball season may be over, but the drama continues. It’s customary for sports teams who dominate their league to earn the right to visit the White House and meet the first family and gift the president a custom jersey. But First Lady Jill Biden was at the LSU vs. Iowa game — […]

“It will be a great night that will go down in the history books, or not, depending on which state you live in,” Roy Wood Jr. said.

Civil rights icon and Georgia Representative John Lewis has finally decided to endorse impeachment proceedings after deciding to remain silent on the matter for the past few months. Lewis took to the House floor Tuesday morning to voice his frustrations with the current administration and is ready to relieve Trump of his duties as soon […]

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development claims the company violated the Fair Housing Act.

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Kanye West delivered the rant heard 'round the world when he visited Donald Trump in the White House. Read it here.

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The Queensbridge rapper is finally addressing abuse allegations.

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The announcement was made on Thursday.