Medicom Toy Pharrell and The Minions

Source: Medicom Toy / Medicom Toy

Japanese company MEDICOM TOY is holding an online raffle for five new collectibles. Along with two of the company’s very sought-after Be@rbick toys, one of the items for sale will be a VCD (vinyl collectible doll) of superproducer Pharrell Williams and two minions from the movie Despicable Me 3, in praise of Williams’ song “Happy” and his documented fandom of MEDICOM.

The list of creative luminaries with previously released VCDs includes names like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, so the “VCD Pharrell Williams and Minions” doll will be a nice addition to that catalog. The Pharrell figurine is sporting a yellow Supreme ball cap with a similarly bright yellow jacket. And to round out the getup, the doll is wearing brown shorts, pink boots with yellow laces, and a visible ring on each hand. Lastly, the VCD is flanked on either side by one of Felonius Gru’s famously rambunctious homunculoid assistants but in pixelated form.

The price of the Pharrell doll is 14,300 yen (approximately $141.43), and that includes the tax.

If you would prefer one of MEDICOM TOY’s other creations, though, you can vie for the “BE@RBRICK atmos x Coca-Cola 1000% CLEAR BODY,” which stands at 27.55 inches and is a unique collab doll between the Harajuku, Japan-based streetwear brand and the international beverage giant. For the sum of 64,640 yen (about $595), your one-of-a-kind toy has an all-black “atmos” logo across its chest as well as various Coca-Cola logos all over its body but in different languages from throughout the world.

Also available on Saturday’s raffle are a smaller duo of “BE@RBRICK atmos x WIND AND SEA 100% & 400%” toys, a 2.2-channel set of apple-shaped speakers, and a charcoal black version of Kobayashi Setsumasa’s homage to American philosopher Henry David Thoreau from MEDICOM TOY’s “Mountain Man” series of dolls.

However, the raffle’s application period already ended on Sunday, March 21, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. JST. So hopefully, you were able to submit your name in time. But if you end up being one of the lucky winners, then you’ll also have the pleasure of picking up your shiny new collectible in person  – at the flagship store in the Tokyo Solamachi Shopping Complex.