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Whether it’s coordinating to see loved ones, dealing with your work schedule or thinking about the money you just can’t get around spending, holiday stressing isn’t surprising. Many people have good reason to be concerned. Things can get overwhelming, even when they are well-planned. So the idea that you shouldn’t have concerns is ridiculous. You’re going to worry. The thing is, you have to figure out a way to manage it. Meditation, taking long walks and creating killer to-do lists should all be part of your assault, but sometimes you’ve got to get a little more hands-on to let that energy go. And while most folks don’t want to say it, we all know it’s true: good sex is one of the best stress relievers. “Sex is helpful because of the chemical release of endorphins. When you’re intimate oxycontin and other ‘happy’ chemicals shoot through the body,” says Jetsetting Jasmine, a licensed therapist and sex expert. “We tend to tense up when we think of finances, traffic and crowded malls—all things that happen during the holiday season. When that occurs our muscles tighten and sex provides a muscular release.”

We tend to tense up when we think of finances, traffic and crowded malls—all things that happen during the holiday season. When that happens our muscles tighten and sex provides a muscular release.

Hit your significant other with this line: sex is great self-care. You’re not just doing it for yourself. It’s for the both of you. Whether you’re getting it in with bae or having a little “me time,” be sure to have fun. Here are Jasmine’s tips on how to maximize that endorphin rush during holiday sex.


1 Go Missionary

This position is super intimate, can be intense, or playful, depending on the mood and is a great way to actually connect with your partner. The holidays can make us superficial. Instead of focusing on connecting, folks are thinking about gifts, holiday parties and travel. The missionary position is a good opportunity to get in tune with your partner. It’s also easy—there’s no need for major tricks here. You go for what you know.


2 Hit the Spoon

The skin to skin contact in the fetal position is soothing for both parties—why do you think folks innately mimic this move when they feel cold, sick or hurt? When you’re stroking in this position it’s a great way to show your lover that you have her or his back. It’s also comforting. Later, you can switch positions for a little cuddle time, so both participants are getting the rush of good vibes.


3 Beat It Up

If you’re traveling, have limited private time or don’t have a partner, you may have to take things into your own hands.  The good news is that no one will please you the way you can please yourself. You can get one off quickly for a boost of energy, or take your time and help your body relax. Go where you can to optimize your privacy, like the bathroom or in your sleeping quarters if you have your own space, and get busy.  It will take the edge off.

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