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Nike Suing Lil Nas & MSCHF Over "Satan Shoes"

Source: MSCHF / Lil Nas X

It looks like Nike was not feeling the whole “Satan Shoes” idea

Despite the backlash and uproar from bible-clutching baby boomers, Lil Nas X and MSCHF’s satanic collaboration sold all 666 pairs of the devilish kicks in less than a minute. The good news was quickly doused with holy water in the form of a lawsuit from Nike, Complex is reporting.

Before Nike decided to take legal action, the Swoosh quickly issued a statement claiming, “We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF. Nike did not design or release these shoes, and we do not endorse them.” The backlash and calls for boycotts of the brand seemingly have gotten to the company, and now they are suing both MSCHF and Lil Nas X.

The lawsuit reads:

“Nike has not and does not approve or authorize MSCHF’s customized Satan Shoes. Moreover, MSCHF and its unauthorized Satan Shoes are likely to cause confusion and dilution and create an erroneous association between MSCHF’s products and Nike. In fact, there is already evidence of significant confusion and dilution occurring in the marketplace, including calls to boycott Nike in response to the launch of MSCHF’s Satan Shoes based on the mistaken belief that Nike has authorized or approved this product.”

Nike is also claiming that MSCHF adding a mixture of blood and red dye into the sneaker’s midsole “may pose safety risks for consumers.”

Ironically before the “Satan Shoes” launch, MSCHF cofounder Daniel Greenberg spoke about Nike not suing them for their customs sneakers. Before releasing the “Satan Shoes,” the company teamed up with Drake to drop the “Jesus Shoes,” which featured actual holy water from the River Jordan in the air unit.

“I feel like, no matter what drop it is, it’s hilarious that we always get the same question about legality. Every outlet always asks, ‘How have you guys not been sued into oblivion yet?’ We haven’t, obviously. We’re still here. … I’d say specifically, in terms of Jesus shoes and Satan shoes, it is totally legal in the sense that, because we’re not doing knockoffs, because we are buying their shoes and doing our art to it and selling it for more, it’s, like, 1,000 percent legal.”


This is indeed a slippery slope Nike is embarking on with this suit. Will Nike take this route with other designers who make custom versions of its sneakers?

The news of the suit isn’t bothering LIl Nas X at all. In fact, he is trolling on Twitter.


It looks like Lil Nas X isn’t worried at all. We shall see how this situation plays out.

Photo: MSCHF / Lil Nas X