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Christian Twitter Is Not Here For Lil Nas X & Nike's "Satan Shoes"

Source: MSCHF / Lil Nas X

Outside of Tekashi 6ix9ine, we can’t honestly think of a person who knows how to troll on social media so successfully than Lil Nas X

The “Old Town Road” crafter has had the internet throwing holy water on their phones after he dropped his new visual for his latest song, “MONTERO” (Call Me BY Your Name), which features him giving the devil himself a lapdance. Of course, Lil Nas X is very aware that people take whatever he does and scrutinizes it, so the visual is nothing but a well-done 3-minute masterclass in getting people to react.

But he wasn’t done there. Many eagle-eyed watchers noticed that Satan was rocking a pair of sick black and red Air Max 97s while getting his lapdance. It turns out the sneakers are indeed a real thing and will be sold, and yes, they are sticking to the whole devil-theme. MSCHF, who blessed us with Drake’s “Jesus” shoes, is teaming up with Nike again, but this time partnered up with Lil Nas X for “Satan Shoes,” and they feature some head-spinning devilish details.

The sneakers, which will cost $1,018, contain a single drop of blood in the midsole, there is some red ink on the inside of the shoe, oh, and only 666 pairs are being made, a very significant number to those who are well knowledgable about the Prince of Darkness.

Like the video, the satanic kicks’ announcement is also causing an uproar, with many people grabbing their bibles and already saying nah to the kicks ahead of their March 29 release. Many folks wouldn’t have been buying them in the first place just based on the high price point, but regardless of the outrage, we expect these kicks to sellout immediately.

You can peep the reactions to Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” in the gallery below.

Photo: MSCHF / Lil Nas X




A reach, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. 


Sis said don’t bring your demonic vibes around her.


Good question.


Then you truly won’t be Swaggy P anymore. 


Oh, they are big mad. 


Sneakers is where we draw the line? Not 4 years of Donald Trump and his gaslighting?