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Eco-Friendly Fashion Items You Can Buy On Earth Day

Source: Nike / Nike

Earth Day, the annual event that happens on April 22, celebrates the birth of the environmental movement by calling for and demonstrating the conservation and environmental protection of the planet. One can contribute many ways by not pushing a whip, instead opting to take mass transportation or not littering and cutting down your use of natural resources and other products that harm the planet.

Did you know that you can also help save the planet by getting fresh? Yes, it is totally possible, thanks to highly sustainable and environmentally friendly kicks and gear. Companies like Nike, adidas, Telfar, and The North Face, have all made great efforts to help in conservation efforts.

Not only is Earth Day perfect the perfect opportunity to spread the word about how you can help keep the planet in working order for future generations but also do some shopping as well.

The North Face Men’s 95 Retro Denali Jacket

The North Face Denali 95 fleece

Source: The North Face / The North Face

It’s not summer yet, and while it tends to be a bit warmer during the spring, the temperatures do suddenly drop during the night. That’s where The North Face’s classic 95 Retro Denali comes in. It’s perfect because it’s not too heavy and can be worn during the day while keeping you perfectly cool, and when the sun sets will keep you warm. And It’s made 360 g 100% recycled polyester tumbled classic fleece. You can pick one from The North Face’s website right now for $199.


The YEEZY Foam RNNR isn’t for everybody, and understandably so, but Kanye West’s take on the croc is popular. It’s also environmentally friendly because it’s made from a foam that’s partly produced from algae. It’s all a part of West’s grand plan where he hopes to start hydroponic farms going straight from “seed to sole.” If you’re desperately in need of a pair, you can head to GOAT or StockX to find a pair. It will cost you over retail.

Nike Cosmic Unity Line

Nike Cosmic Unity

Source: Nike / Nike

Nike’s latest line of footwear takes trash talk to another level. The company’s new Cosmic Unity silhouettes were designed using at least 25% recycled materials like recycled cable yarn, proprietary foams, and around 10% Nike Grind. You can buy the sneaker available in a wide array of colors on Nike’s website or the “Space Hippy” style on GOAT for under retail.


Telfar Large Red Shopping Bag

Source: Telfar /

Telfar Clemens founder has one of the hottest accessories on the market with his line of Telfar bags. His approach to getting them out to the masses is unique by allowing customers to purchase them from the company directly rather than secondary retail chains. His bags are also made using 100% vegan leather and come in a sustainable 100% cotton bag. The company also works with factories that make conscious efforts to protect the environment when selecting materials. If you don’t want to wait, you can scoop a bag on StockX right now. The lowest asking price is $190.

Happy Earth Day!