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Summer Savage: BBQ 101

Source: iOne Creative / iOne Creative

The barbecue is an essential staple of fun summertime fun. And what’s the one thing we can always count on?

Some foooiine-looking baddies.

The breakdown is simple. The guaranteed body count at each event makes BBQs ideal social settings for a macking massacre—the functions are typically in localized chill spots, folks are exposing the parts of their bodies that make them feel sexy and all the sun rays ensure everyone’s in a good mood.

All you have to do is show up looking the part, keep your breath fresh and get ready to pick off your prey.

Here are the best ways to shoot your shot.

1 Get The Backstories

Take advantage of the great outdoors. Identify your targets, then map out the best ways to give your top picks one-on-one time. Hit one up by the pool, isolate another by a fence— basically, give yard work a whole new meaning. Seal the deal with lots of eye contact and an occasional arm touch. And don’t linger too long… you want to show interest but this ain’t a date. You’re in reconnaissance mode. Collect intel and keep things moving.

2 Put Your Connections to Work

Once you know who you’re feeling, ask the host for references— and a co-sign. An extra word goes a long way. After personally vetting potential bae, get your pal/relative to put in a word for you. Don’t be afraid to implement a little guilt if needed.You know your cousin owes you from last Thanksgiving when she sprinted post meal to see her secret boo, or maybe you plowed the snow off your neighbor’s lawn this past winter and want to collect a little payback. Call in all debts. Folks feel a little bit better about talking to someone new when they’re friend/family-approved — so don’t sleep on those verbal recommendations.

3 Manners, Manners, Manners

We’re gonna get straight to the point with this one: playing nice works. When you’re trying to make a good first impression, default to the most polite, considerate and impressive version of yourself. Nobody wants to date a scrub and we know your momma taught you better than that. So yes, if you see his cup is empty, ask if he’d like a refill. If you know she’s been waiting for the ribs to be done for a minute, surprise her by grabbing the first slab and then passing the plate her way. Your thoughtfulness will not be overlooked and it can set you apart from the crowd.