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It’s cold outside. And there are some nights when you just don’t want her to leave. So how do you get her to stay, and be happy about it? It takes more that decent D—women like to be comfortable. So those Netflix and chill, Hulu and hangout nights will only become extended sleepovers if you have your place stocked with things that help her relax and get cozy.

Keep reading for some basics on how to winterize your spot for your girl and create an environment that is hard to leave.

Footies on Deck

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having cold feet. No matter how warm the rest of the body is, if the feet are cold, it’s a challenge to become completely comfortable. Keep a few pairs of plush footies on deck for those nights when you have company. Keep her feet warm and her entire body will feel blissful. And if you decide to have sex, studies have shown that women orgasm easier when they have warm feet.


Gear Up

Since bae will come dressed for the weather, she’ll likely want to take off the layers and unwind if she plans to stay. Be ready. Designate some sweats, tees, and gym shorts available for when your favorite lady pulls up. Offer her some options as soon as you know she’s trying to get comfy (she starts stretching or yawning, or y’all pick a long series to binge watch). Most importantly, make sure the items you pick are things you don’t mind her dipping with.


Get Your Linen Right

A plush blanket—think fleece or microfiber—that is large enough to wrap around the both of you for those cozy movie moments on the couch is a must. But that’s not enough. Invest in sheets with a high-thread count (at least 500) and some good quality towel sets. The goal is to have things that make all of the basic functions (sleeping, freshening up) easy. Couple this with some good scents—like warm vanilla, lavender, or citrus—for candles, oil diffusers, or incense to place around the house.


Keep It Right and Tight

Make sure to have the basics of personal care items for your girl, so she doesn’t have to worry about whether she’s prepared for the night. Yes, you should definitely get some feminine products (get a travel pack of tampons and sanitary napkins—be sure to pick a good brand). Other things you should have in stock: more than one roll of toilet paper, toothpaste and extra toothbrushes, and universal hair products (ex. shea butter products she can use whether her ‘do is relaxed or natural). Want to score a real grand slam? Get an extra charger.


Eat This

Make sure to have plenty of the little bites that she loves to nibble on so you’re not forced to go out in the cold for a bag of chips or chocolates. Don’t forget to have her favorite foods stored in the fridge as well. Lastly, be sure to keep good bottles of white and red wine in stock at the house. You’ll get extra points if you cop the brands you know your special someone is partial to drinking.

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