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If you thought Telfar bags were limited before, the hype just went up.

Once a celebrity rocks an affordable garment, it becomes pretty hard for everyday people to get their hands on one before the shelves are empty. Now, imagine the circumstances when that celebrity Beyoncé. That’s right– back on July 8, Bey was not only spotted carrying a white Telfar bag, but she posted it on Instagram while standing next to JAY-Z, who was rocking an all Puma outfit.

Weeks after Twitter exploded because Bey is a fan of the brand, Telfar dropped another colorway that fans clamored to get their hands on. The light blue color, otherwise known as cerulean, was available in threes sizes — the small one will run you $150, the medium is $202, and the large for $257.

Designer Telfar Clemens is a Queens native and has made it a point for buyers not to pay outrageous markup prices on the secondary market. While the bags do sell out nearly immediately upon every drop, he makes sure the hype is never out of touch by releasing a new colorway every few weeks.

Beyonce rocking Clemens bags isn’t the only dope thing to happen to Clemens– he was honored with the opportunity to design the uniforms for the Liberian Olympic team, which is where his family migrated from during the Liberian Civil War in the 1990s. The sprawling 70 piece collection consists of sweats, unitards, duffel bags, and track spikes, all of which are outfitted with the Liberian flag and Telfar’s logo.

Check out how Twitter is reacting to missing out –or successfully buying– the cerulean Telfar bag.

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