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Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs - Game Four

Source: Mark Sobhani / Getty

SPOTTED: Steph Curry’s beard.

WHERE:  San Antonio, Tex., at a post-conference after defeating the San Antonio Spurs in the 2017 NBA Western Conference Finals.

CASSIUS SAYS:  Can we finally leave the playoff beards to the baseball players, or nah?

Every year around mid April, basketball players who made it past the regular season into the playoffs begin to sport facial hair. The beard is a sign of accomplishment– the bigger the beard, the further you’ve gotten in the playoffs and the closer you are to winning it all. Enter Steph Curry. The sharp shooter usually rocks a goatee, but he decided to switch things up during the post season and grow in his full beard. Plus, his wife Ayesha is feeling it. Steph pulls it off well, and the new look makes him appear older and a bit more distinguished.

GET THE LOOK: Hit up your barber and ask him to just taper the sides, and clean up your cheeks and neckline. Let the top grow to your desired length and maintain the look with regular trims.

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STYLE IT: If you really plan on letting the top grow out, you’ll need a beard comb to keep it looking even.

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