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Isaiah McKenzie Gets Vaccinated After Being Fined By The NFL

Source: Bryan M. Bennett / Getty

One NFL player did the right thing and got vaxxed, so he will no longer get fined. 

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie had the internet talking after he hopped on social media and shared a letter from the NFL informing him that it was slapping him with a $14,650 fine for not wearing a mask. At the time, McKenzie was unvaccinated, and the NFL is making life difficult for players who choose not to get the shot, just stopping short of mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for players.

Well, that will no longer be the case. Saturday (Aug.28), McKenzie hopped on Instagram and revealed he has taken the important first step and got vaccinated against COVID-19 sharing a photo of himself holding his vaccination card captioning the post “For the greater good.”

The move might surprise his famous anti-vaxxer teammate Cole Beasley, who is adamant about not getting vaccinated and has been railing against the NFL’s strict policy. Beasley has been on social media trying his best to get dropped by the Buffalo Bills like a bad habit, as if he is not replaceable.

It’s good to see McKenzie more than likely listened to the plethora of doctors and experts available to him who informed him that the vaccine is safe rather than do his own research (watch ridiculous YouTube videos) like all anti-vaxxers do.

We hope McKenzie can speak some sense into other players like Cole Beasley, Cam Newton, and Lamar Jackson, who has caught COVID-19 two times, the benefits of getting vaccinated, and that they’re doing it for not just them but for the entire society so we can get past this pandemic.

Salute to Isaiah McKenzie.

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