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Big News

After two successful seasons of cinematic excellence, WGN America has cancelled Underground. “As WGN America evolves and broadens the scope and scale of its portfolio of series, we recently announced that resources will be reallocated to a new strategy to increase our relevance within the rapidly changing television landscape,” Tribune Media president and CEO Peter Kern said in a statement. He also expressed the series “no longer fits with our new direction.” (We know what that means.) But perhaps there’s hope? Executive producer John Legend tweeted Tuesday evening, “We will find a new home for #Underground!” So what’s good, Netflix? HBO? Showtime? Someone, just get this show back on the air! Stat.

Big Facts

Sigh. So a black teddy bear was found hanging from a noose at a North Carolina high school. The Associated Press reports the stuffed animal was likely hung on Monday night or Tuesday morning, according to Principal Malik Bazzell—but not before a photo made its rounds on social media. Yikes. Next to the bear was a sign that read “Make Wakefield Tripp again #smartlunch,” and plot twist: Bazzell, who is Black, replaced former principal Tripp Crayton (white) in 2015. Another sigh. The incident, which Bazzell rightly called “deeply offensive,” is currently under investigation.

Big Lies

In another turn of mind-boggling events, Trump’s reportedly been asking world leaders to hit him up on his cellphone, because what’s security, right? Especially for someone who’s previously expressed distrust with… well, just about everyone and everything. “Trump has urged leaders of Canada and Mexico to reach him on his cellphone, according to former and current U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the practice,” AP reports. So far, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been the only one to take him up, but French President Emmanuel Macron also reportedly has his number. And while we try to figure out the sense behind all of that, there’s also this:

Someone go get the president’s mobile device, please.

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