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We know, we know. All of your friends are taking cool vacations and recording IG stories from beautiful destinations like Cape Town, Paris, and Dubai. And you want in. Or maybe you don’t. Perhaps you want to  stack those coins instead or get in the right head space to make some moves. That’s cool. As always, what’s old rotates back into being what’s up. Enter staycations.


What’s a Staycation?

A staycation is when you take time off work to vacation at home instead of traveling either domestically or internationally.


So I just stay home and do nothing? Sounds boring.

Actually, you don’t just stay home. You can plan excursions, eat delicious food, and relax, just like you would during a normal vacation, only it doesn’t cost thousands.

Okay, I’m interested. Tell me more.

A staycation tops a vacation destination because you don’t have to deal with the heavy logistics of planning flights, navigating a new city, and deal with the wear that travel has on your body.  A staycation cuts out all of the unpleasant parts of traveling while retaining its inherent benefits: rest and relaxation.

So, what do I do exactly?

You can plan your staycation to suit your taste, and show yourself, your home, and financial situation some TLC, especially if your motive is to save some cash.

 Here are some things to consider doing with your time.


1Clean Up


Now, I know this sounds like the antithesis of fun and relaxation, but that heavy cleaning is something we tend to avoid. Spend the first part of your “trip” (or the day before) getting your pad in tip-top shape. Clean the critical areas—you know what they are—dust and vacuum the rest, and finally donate the clothes you’ve been meaning to take to the Goodwill. If there are any outstanding DIY projects, piles of paper, or piles of anything, HANDLE it. To make the cleaning experience more enjoyable, just play the Black Panther soundtrack while you clean and imagine that you live in Wakanda. That’ll make the experience better. If you’ve got the funds, hire someone to do housework, while you handle the logistics, and a coffee run.


2Just Chill, For Real


Go to the beach or local park and hit the relax button. Take this time to do the things you enjoy but don’t get to do often, like reading or binge-watching Netflix—okay, maybe you already do that. Whatever you do, make sure you love it, and be sure to intentionally unplug— put the smartphone away— at various points throughout each day.


3 Do Those Pop-Ins


Few things refresh us like good convo and great laughs with the people we enjoy the most. Schedule some time to spend with your favorite people, without being in a rush. Meet your homie at their job for lunch together at that hot new food truck. Schedule a dinner when you don’t have to rush. You’ll enjoy all of the benefits that good company provides. Best of all, you’ll be chilling in the between meetups.


4Check In With Your Wallet


Your staycation is the perfect time to make a date with your finances and see if y’all are still good. Dedicate a block of time to handle all things money related. Are you on track with your savings plan? Investment goals? Do you need to update your budget, or finally make one? If you need accountability in this area, make an appointment with your money person— if you don’t have one, now’s a great time to get one.


5Talk It Out


Let’s be honest—sometimes the day-to-day grind keeps us so busy that we barely have time to connect with our closest friends and loved ones, let alone other folks. Use this extra time to connect with your outer circle—you know, the people you keep saying you’re going to grab coffee with or meet up to play hoops, those you met at a networking event and could be great contacts, or even friends, if only… you took the time to reach out.