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March 8 marks the day everyone celebrates the accomplishments of all the badass ladies around the globe. Women are more than the gateway to the human experience. They use that same womb energy to birth new ideas, inventions, and contributions into existence. Women are the necessary elements upon which life itself depends, and on this day they deserve to be celebrated.

Now, kisses and hugs are common endearing gestures to show affection, but this day, the amazing women in your life deserve more. International Women’s Day is an opportunity for you to express your gratitude. Show up. Take these five tips into consideration, and make them your own.

Write it Down

Handwritten letters seem to be relics in the digital age, but taking the time to write a message makes a person feel special. The energy that one places into transcribing thoughts into words onto paper is magical. Make a list of at least ten things you appreciate about your beloved. Take your time and express how you feel without shame. There is so much about women that the world devalues. Your curated list will show otherwise. Once it’s done, you can hand deliver it to her or mail it like in the good ol’ days. If you really want to get fancy with it, choose special stationery to make the letter even more of a keepsake.

Work It Out

Women do it all. Taking care of children and family, holding down the household, working a full-time job while going to school and still maintaining a popping personal life are just a few of the things the ladies in your life may do. You may not be able to take on her entire load of responsibilities, but offering to assist where you can is a way to show appreciation. If she’s cooking a meal, offer to clean the dishes or do the grocery shopping for her. Pick her up from work so she can rest on the commute home. Run an errand you know will give her a bit of free time. However you see that you can be of service, show your appreciation for her by taking over one of her many responsibilities for at least a day. She will be grateful for your helping hands.

Join Her Team

Women are dreamers and have many ideas to share with the world. Make the time to ask her about the goals and ask her how you can assist. Offering a listening ear and extending your help in whatever way possible is comforting and appreciated. Be a pillar she can lean on when the road ahead of her becomes rocky. Support of one’s dreams goes a long way.

Support Regular “Me Time”

Show your appreciation for the tenacious woman by encouraging her to unwind and de-stress regularly. You can do this by gifting her quarterly spa appointments or even hiring monthly cleaning services to help with the load. Another option is asking her how you can show up and out in her life. Would she like you to prepare a warm bath periodically to remind her to chill out or cook dinner Mondays and Wednesdays? Take the lead and express how important it is for you to see her taking care of herself. How you assist her in catering to herself is up to you. Get creative.

Champion Her

There is nothing more rewarding than appreciating yourself. But women often don’t give themselves enough credit for all they do. Encourage your beloved to either write down or speak aloud the things she appreciates about herself. The more she can focus on the aspects of herself that she appreciates, the better she will feel about herself and her purpose in this life. Self appreciation is medicine for the soul.

Glamazon Tyomi is CASSIUS’ resident sexpert.