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Beyonce and Jay-Z at Golden State Warriors NBA Playoffs

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z have decided to put their three-story New Orleans mansion on the market for $4.45 million, three months after an arsonist lit up the place. According to TMZ, the 96-year-old residence wasn’t wholly incinerated, but the ordeal did require two hours and nearly two dozen firefighters to put out the flames.

The Carters purchased the spot, which was initially a Presbyterian church located in the wealthy Historic Garden District of “The Big Easy,” and modernized the 7-bedroom, 8-bathroom pad to the extent that the mansion eventually became used more as a public event space. Weddings, galas, and get-togethers among the industry who’s who were reportedly common there. And at 13,292 square feet with ultra-high 26-foot ceilings and three separate apartments, the venue’s new owner should have plenty of room to spread out and keep the party going, too.

Hov and B might be looking to recoup their losses from this situation and strengthen their portfolio, but the odds are the power couple isn’t too bothered. If anything, they’re likely to unwind from it all, spending time on the 450-foot-long (136m) superyacht, the Flying Fox. Initially commissioned for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the impressive vessel reportedly costs $4 million per week to charter, meaning that seven days aboard the boat would run the same price as the Carters’ NOLA home.

The Flying Fox comes with its own swimming pool, which is pretty standard for superyachts, but that it spans the whole 39.3-foot-breadth of the upper deck (12 m) is just one feature that makes it a toy of the über-elite. It also comes with a 1,312 sq. foot- bi-level spa (400m²)  with a jacuzzi, Hammam, and Cryo Sauna treatments, and more. Finally, when Hov and B are ready to break out of “The Big Easy” and sail the seven seas, they can get helicoptered out and land their chopper on one of the two Flying Fox’s helipads. Way for the pair to go “Apesh*t.