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The saga continues for NBA star and carrier of community peen Tristan Thompson who is currently fighting a legal battle over a paternity suit filed by Houston personal trainer Maralee Nichols, who claims to have given birth to Thompson’s third child.

According to TMZ, Thompson is asking the judge presiding over his and Nichols’ case to grant a gag order prohibiting both parties from publicly discussing the suit as it plays out in court. In the emergency petition Thompson filed Tuesday, the Sacramento Kings center and power forward cited multiple instances in which he believes Nichols violated a confidentiality order he claims a judge had already granted following her original lawsuit.

Thompson claims Nichols has been out here talking recklessly about the case to media outlets and that she’s been on social media spreading lies about him and his family. (It’s unclear which family he’s talking about, because…whew.) He also claims her sole reason for putting all of his business out on front street is “to achieve some sort of notoriety and gain for herself in this lawsuit.” (Lawsuits are typically about gaining things, but whatever.)

So Thompson basically wants to keep the case under wraps—unlike his penis when he’s sleeping around, apparently. And to see to it that Nichols keeps his good name out her mouth, he’s asked the judge to order her to put a $30k bond and collateral in case she violates the confidentiality order. 

Hopefully, Thompson’s latest baby momma drama will end in him doing a little soul searching—or at least inspire a new appreciation for condoms.