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Kel Mitchell says he indulged in tons of sex during his 90s heyday, and all the meaningless hookups only served to keep him in spiritual bondage. The Good Burger actor eventually spoke with his preacher, who told Mitchell to “free himself” from anyone not of the Lord.

“What I had to do was, I literally mentioned every woman that I had been having sex with … I forgave them and forgave myself,” the 43-year-old Chicagoan revealed to Page Six‘s Tashara Jones. “[A]fter I said all their names they were released, I released my name from them, I released my spirit from them.”

Mitchell is only the latest male celeb to speak about his experiences with excessive sex. Lamar Odom, Will Smith, and James Franco have also recently shared how they don’t look upon those times in their lives with fondness either.

“I was in my 20s at the time and it was just a freeing experience,” Mitchell said. “Like, I literally felt new. And then that’s when I decided I’m going to be celibate. It made me realize, like a lot of the relationships it was all just sex.”

That decision ended up becoming a three-year stretch, and the father of four experienced doubts with regard to his future. At one point, Mitchell lost ownership of his car and couldn’t keep a steady gig. “Just because we’re celebrities, doesn’t mean that we don’t go through things,” he told Jones. “I’ve been broke. I’ve been on television and lost it all.”

During another sit-down, this time on the TODAY show, Mitchell spoke more on the darkness of that period and how his faith pulled him through. “In my times of going through depression, suicidal thoughts, all these different things, and working on shows at the same time, God was there,” he said.

Since then, Mitchell has turned his life around. He is happily married to his second wife Asia Lee, with whom he has his two youngest children. Mitchell has been able to mend his previously frayed relationship with fellow All That alumnus Kenan Thompson, to the extent that there have been rumors of a Good Burger reboot. And in 2019, he became a licensed pastor as well.

Now, he is using his lessons and reach to help others with his new book, Blessed Mode: 90 Days to Level Up Your Faith. It is a 90-day challenge, one devotional per day, intended to “level up your faith and celebrate the blessings God is giving you today.”