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Carmelo Anthony Gets Into It With 2 Fans He Claimed Called Him "Boy"

Source: Tim Nwachukwu / Getty

Two Philadelphia 76ers fans almost felt the wrath of Carmelo Anthony.

Things got tense during the 76ers home game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night (Jan.28). Lakers forward Carmelo Anthony had to be restrained after he almost went into the stands to confront two fans whom he claims called him “boy.”

During the fourth quarter, the incident in question happened while the Lakers were getting smacked by the 76ers. Anthony stopped playing and could be seen heading towards two Sixers fans, one white another Black who was talking trash. At one point, Melo seemed as if he was going to venture into the stans to show the fans he is about that life before referees intervened.

As expected, the two men were given the boot by arena security before things got out of hand. Following the game, Anthony spoke about the incident revealing to the Los Angeles Times he was called “boy” by the men saying the smack talk crossed the line.