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Method Man Essence Cover

Source: Flo Ngala / Essence Magazine

It’s no secret that Method Man has had ladies swooning for more than two decades, but his latest digital cover proves that he continues to get better with age.

Earlier this week, Essence revealed the digital cover featuring the legendary Wu-Tang member who sat down with the publication to discuss his resistance to being a sex symbol, along with how he transitioned from being one of the leading voices in hip hop to killing it in Hollywood through multiple TV and film roles.

In speaking about his views on being the man crush of most women since the 90s, Mr. Mef shared that while his social media posts may serve as thirst traps, that’s not his intention.

“I don’t understand that sh–. I go to the gym for my own peace of mind,” Method Man said. “I don’t do it to become someone’s sex symbol or a pinup on someone’s wall. I do it for me. People like attention. I’m the same as everybody else. But at the end of the day, take me seriously, not lightly.”

Method Man also revealed that while he has always had a passion for acting, it was the “changing of the guards” in Hip-Hop that helped him push harder as a thespian.

“The higher-ups, the so-called gatekeepers didn’t have much use for a 44-year-old rapper,” Method Man said. “There was a changing of the guard in hip-hop. I was cool with that. I had to evolve with the business and if that meant acting, so be it. I was going to throw all my eggs in one basket.”

Tical also shared with fans how he built his confidence, despite the environment he grew up in telling him the opposite.

“Understand, I was a Black boy living in some of the worst areas in New York,” Method Man continued. “I’ve always felt like I wasn’t enough. I’ve been told that from the gate, ‘You don’t belong here.’ Sometimes even without words.”

It seems that his transparency added to the flames as fans flocked to Twitter to share their response to the feature, no longer attempting to hide their desires with Mr. Smith.

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