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Preliminary Hearing For Marion 'Suge' Knight In Robbery Charge Case

Source: David Buchan / Getty

Even while in jail Suge Knight’s black cloud continues to rain on his inner circle. His lawyer might be joining him in prison on witness tampering charges.

As per The New York Times, the former Death Row Records CEO’s counsel is in need of some legal consideration. According to the feature, Matthew Fletcher is currently a defendant in his own case.

Back in 2018 he, and another member of Knight’s defense team, Thaddeus Culpepper, were indicted on charges of witness bribery, accessory after the fact and attempting to convince someone to commit perjury, among other crimes. These allegations are tied to the tenure as Suge’s attorney for his infamous hit-and-run incident involving Knight in January 2015 that left Heavyweight Records co-founder Terry Carter dead and severely injured activist and documentary film marker Cle “Bone” Sloan.

While prosecutors have not presented any hard evidence of bribery they did play some audio that is pretty damming. At the trial, the state played wiretaps of Fletcher talking to an informant and the talk track feels ominous.

“If these motherf— got a price, well let’s get that motherf— price paid,” Fletcher said. “I told Suge … man, you can always make some more money. You can’t make any more freedom though.”

Additionally, during the closing arguments prosecutors characterized Fletcher as Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad; an Albuquerque-based lawyer who embraces his tendencies as a former scam artist and begins to represent criminals while himself becoming involved in the city’s criminal world.

If found guilty Fletcher could face almost four years in prison.

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