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DAP GAP x Dapper Dan x The Gap

Source: @zoeygrossman / Courtesy of The Gap

Legendary Harlem fashion guru Dapper Dan and Gap Inc. are releasing their second collaboration in the “Dap Gap” hoodie collection. The pair dropped their first a few weeks ago, and the entire inventory sold out in minutes. This new entry features different colors from the prior collection, like “Golden Yellow,” “Sky Blue,” “Rose Pink,” and “Black.”

Dapper Dan (born Daniel Day) was long-lauded for his flair on places like Harlem’s Lenox Ave. well before he got his due from Wall Street and Madison Ave. In fact, Dapper Dan had his style most notoriously aped by Gucci for their Cruise 2018 collection, more than a quarter century after he was sued out of business by Fendi.

“When I got the opportunity for this collaboration with Gap, they said they were going to put a 30 foot billboard on 42nd street, the crossroads of the world,” the 77-year-old style icon told Vanity Fair. “I knew this was an opportunity to take our culture even further.”

The hoodie has long been a staple of urban culture but, like Dapper Dan’s style, conveniently appropriated and introduced to other audiences without the proper cultural or monetary homage to its roots. And so the fashion icon sees the partnership as the chance to also make a larger statement about hip-hop and Black people altogether.

“I want to destigmatize the impressions people have of people of color with a hoodie on,” he continued to share with VF, “especially thinking of Trayvon Martin… [and] I don’t want to dwell on what they did to me. I want to venture ahead to what we can do together for ourselves. I will never feel bitter about having the opportunity to express my humanity because my aspiration is to be as human as possible.”

Visit the Gap website to purchase hoodies from the second drop in the GAP x Dapper Dan collection. Pre-order your own by clicking here.